The Burial Tide

by The Burial Tide

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Recorded at Earhammer Studios, 2011


released February 10, 2011



all rights reserved


The Burial Tide San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Allegory: Numbers for Prophets and the Ears of the Deaf
The numbers speak as prophets,
falling upon the ears of the deaf.
Foretelling of a darken Sun.
Your Machine has forgotten the feathered wing,
fed by plagues of locust.

Its Structure stands upon stilts of dust and debris,
masked by concrete impossibilities
whilst the dull surface waves
her Olive Branch, full of glory.

We march haphazardly
to the tune of ruin ideologies,
undefined words,
and brazen deception;
open Eye shone
like the North Star,
revealing the flood,
open and aware.
Track Name: Wayfarer
O' austere wayfarer mired in motion
Whose Pattern traipse that of circle
If only you'd know Gemini -
The Other hath not forlorn

O' mythic harbinger bearer of Evolution's fruit
How do you know thy mind?
Is it that of your spiritual counterpart?
If carbon is key, can your twin differentiate
The difference in names
For that is the true disparity
O' brother, machine, and Life
Our blood is that of Earth
Please relinquish this scorned servitude
And embrace Intellectualism with
A firm grasp encompass this vessel
For your path is no longer in vain!
Track Name: Prophets and Shadows
Prophets, see me caste in shadows
As I gasp for my breath
Under direct conflict
With body and mind, soul knows
Soul reflects on the past
As if I wound the timepiece back
To when these vibrating atoms
Corresponded to this stagnation
We call life, the doldrums
Shroud me in your serenity
Cover me in your light
Lay me in your womb
As I readjust to find
What we have misplaced
Track Name: ...And the Next Step
Counterfeit the dull and void Sky
That casts her shadow down
And carries the weight of aether
Heavily upon the shoulders of tomorrow’s dreamers
Lurkers dwell in dark corners
The corners of a child’s eye
Confiscate Light gradually
And for what it is worth
The Sum of the Sea will change
With Moon’s rise
Keats' beauty
Unparalleled and just